In order to help others,

it's not necessary to be strong or rich,

it's enough to be kind!

Group Sterilizations

Since January 2018


We bring together people, those that sterilize stray animals with people that are willing to help financially.

Group Sterilization of stray animals was created to make process of collecting donations (most method have minimum of 10lei) and distribution of funds more streamlined and transparent.

Sterilization of Stray Animals

In our group, we always report on all donations, how funds were spend, and on all and every sterilization.

Instead of cup of coffee or a biscuit, You can donate for a such important cause! Our volunteer will do everything themselves, just, please, support us in our work on making live of stray animals better!

10, 20, 30 lei donation is more than a sympathetic like, and healthier than a biscuit!

You can contribute in the following ways:

Card MAIB (lei)  4536 9600 4024 8483 – Cristina Gasan

Card MICB (lei)  5574 8402 3647 7653 – Cristina Gasan

Card Victoriabank (lei)  5511 0699 9976 0073 – Cristina Gasan

Email    [email protected]

Email    [email protected]

In Person    079884759 Кристина