About Us

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, but, there live a lot of kind and good-hearted people, that despite of the difficult financial situation help stray animals. One of the most important ways in helping stray animals is sterilization. Sterilization of stray animals is one of the most important and humane ways to reduce the number of animals on the streets and even has a positive influence on animal health.

This group was created in beginning of 2018. Group was created with goal to have central place for accepting donation of money, distribution of money to volunteers for the sterilization of stay animals, and reporting on all sterilizations. Group has no sponsors. All donations come from regular people that understand importance of sterilization for stray animals. In a sense – our goal is to connect volunteers that sterilize stray animals with people that are willing to help financially.

How to donate

MD Bank Cards:

  • MAIB (lei) – 4356 9600 4024 8483 – CRISTINA GASAN
  • MICB (lei) – 5574 8402 3647 7653 – CRISTINA GASAN
  • Victoriabank (lei) – 5511 0699 9976 0073 – CRISTINA GASAN

PayPal (MD): gasan.cristina19071994@gmail.com

PayPal (US, no fee within US): sosanimalsmoldova@gmail.com

How the group works

Process is as follows:

  • Group never has money on our balance. We collect donations and report on collections by-weekly by publishing screenshots of our cards/paypal/etc, also all donations are published in special photo album. We also periodically run Facebook fundraisers. When group has enough for at least 30-40 sterilizations we distribute money to volunteers.
  • Marking cat’s ear and tagging dog’s ear is a must and needs to be done for every steet animal sterilized.
  • To maximize finances we established maximum “price” per sterilization. If volunteer goes to clinic / vet that charges more he/she will have to cover the difference. Group does not dictate what clinic / vet to use. Cost of catching, transporting, maintaining animals after sterilizations and before release fall on volunteers shoulders. Group only covers cost of sterilization per group pricing.

500lei – dog (female)
300lei – dog (male)
300lei – cat (female)
150lei – cat (male)

  • All distributions of money is done in a single post on a first come first serve basis (when funds are available). Group does not take request in advance and does not create advance list. We tried it at the beginning and this approach is not workable. Way too many people signed up.
  • Volunteers or clinics / vets (we work with many of them and many of them now are aware of our group) send us photos of sterilizations and document from vet with date, price, volunteer name, number of animals sterilized. All reports are published in sterilization photo albums. Admins also maintain Excel spreadsheet that tracks donations and sterilizations. This document is published monthly under “file” section.
  • Group guarantees crystal-clear and transparent reports on donations and sterilizations. We guarantee that every lei/dollar/euro will go toward sterilization cost. In our, almost 3 years’, experience of managing group we have seen how many people are willing to spend / sacrifice their own time-money-nerves of steel (catching stray cats and dogs is not an easy task) in order to humanely reduce population of homeless animals. Animals that nobody wants, animals that most of the time have painful and short street life.
  • Group was created to help volunteers raise funds and report on how funds are spent. Group has 3 administrators. Group (admins) does not organize sterilizations, does not help with catching (but can advise, and have 5 automatic cat traps that were donated for everyone’s use) and transporting. These is all up to volunteers. We just hope that more and more people that do not catch / sterilize stray animals will join our group and help financially.

Every donation will help stop the unwanted puppies / kittens to be born on cruel city streets.

We need your support!

Every donation will help stop the unwanted puppies / kittens to be born on cruel city streets.

Animals mate and breed at least twice a year, this is why we need to act quickly and consistently. So far, we were able to run money distributions every 3-4 month. Our goal is to be able to do it monthly and for at least 100+ sterilizations every month.

Each and every donation matters. There is no amount that is small or big. Our power is in number of people that participate.

By sterilizing homeless animals, we stop new kittens and puppies from being born to a short and painful life – due to hunger, cold, infections and human cruelty.


We respectfully ask you to make a small (or not small) donation and help homeless animals. They cannot ask for help, we are here to do it for them.

Thank you all for participation.

Huge thanks and appreciation to all volunteers that do this every day.